Our goal is to research different models of mountain acclimatization and its impact on bodily efficiency and health in the mountains. As a first team worldwide, we will be comparing an active acclimatization with its standard variant, based on setting up the camps. Active acclimatization is a way of adaptation to altitude, whereby the climbers attempt to get as high as possible during the day and then to descend to the altitude to which they are already acclimatized. A multitude of medical equipment, combining the expertise of specialists in the area of cardiology, genetics, biochemistry, physiology of sport, dietetics and anaesthesiology will allow us to compare different acclimatization models in an advanced manner.
The members of the team develop their careers in Academies of Physical Education, Medical Universities and in the Polish Academy of Sciences. Most importantly, they are all unified in their passion for the mountains!

The base will accommodate a medical lab, which will enable multiple examinations of more than 30 people. The laboratory will be equipped in the state-of-the-art medical equipment, which will allow to measure physiological changes in the organism depending on the model of acclimatization. Additionally, some of the examinations will be performed above the base camp in order to judge more short term and dynamic changes in the organism. Our goal is to publish scientific papers and to share our experience with high altitude tourists and mountain climbers. One of the main goals during the expedition is to create a practical body of knowledge that can meaningfully impact the safety of mountaineers.

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